Charlie Kelly.

Favourite food: Milksteak

Favourite hobby: Magnets

Likes: Ghouls

Dislikes: People's knees


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“I just wanted to talk to you, I guess,” Sophia shrugged. 


"Oh. Alright. Sure. Whaddya wanna talk about? Just don’t pick something weird like sports or Jesus."


“I have.. I do not have 5 bucks. I have shoes?” He slurred a little, breaking into giggles for no reason.


"…Can I have your shoes?" He paused, examining the other. "Are you shitfaced right now, bro?" 

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"Hey, guy. What’s up? Welcome to my building. Can I borrow five bucks?" 

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“I’m Sophia, hello there,” Sophia smiled, looking nervously at the man in front of her. 


"Hi. How’s it goin’? I’m Charlie. Soooo…what do you need?" 

Yes, I’m stalking you.


This man really WAS insane…delusional. Oh shit, what had she done? She pulled her cell phone out, scrolling through it, thinking about who she could contact that would be less likely to kill her. Aidan or Josh. She wasn’t about to ask Bishop for help, not in a million years. Quickly she sent out a mass text to both of them I turned a crazy person into a vampire. I need help. ASAP. With that business done she returned her attention to Charlie again. Pocketing her phone and rubbing her wrist she sent Charlie a dark look, “Not going through, sniffing or doing anything ridiculous creepy with my stuff or -me- in general.” She said, stepping back and away from him. 

What else could she do? “You’re coming on really -really- strong and I can’t deal with it.” she admitted, having enough stress in her life. “I shouldn’t have turned you…or bit you…or whatever…” She said, hating that she was suffering the consequences of her addiction. “I’ll help you find a place, I guess.” She said tiredly.

"With you?" Charlie’s brow furrowed, confused by her accusations. "You don’t think I would really? Seriously?" He may have been strange, with bad hygiene and an even worse set of social skills, but he wasn’t the type to force himself on a girl. "I’m wooing you! I’m trying to woo! You know what? Maybe you’re the one with the problems if you think everyone’s coming around wanting to rape you." 

Tossing his arms up in the air, he brushed past Rebecca and into the living room. “You murder and turn me into this and I’M the bad guy? Whatever, man. I have a place. I found a building. It’s my building, all empty and I don’t need your fancy apartment with-with your fancy heating and your fancy electricity. So why don’t you just, drink your bagged shit and-and stop being such a bitch.” 

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So who wants a drink?


→✘← He smirked and shrugged, “Try asking them nicely to leave.” That was a joke. His attempt at a joke at least. “Apparently. So twelve, right?” He would get them of course, but he wanted to make sure the number was correct. Not like he could really say anything. He had drank a lot more to get to black out drunk before.

"Been there, tried that, dude." The approach he tried was more screaming than nice, but it was as nice as Charlie cared to get. "Twelve will probably do me. Maybe." Hopefully. Getting drunk just wasn’t the same since being turned.